Nationwide quarantine in Hungary from March 28.

From March 28th, Hungary will start a nationwide quarantine that will last for two weeks. It might last even longer, but at first, it is supposed to last for two weeks only. The nationwide quarantine was announced by the Prime Minister in a radio speech this morning. People are still […]

What is the currency of Hungary?

One of the most important subjects a blog can write about is money; everyone is interested in the subject and everyone likes to have money, and most of us like it even more if they have a lot of it. Since Hungary is not the largest and most important country […]

MAK Bistro Budapest review

A new star is rising in Budapest, and the name of it is MÁK Bistro. The restaurant has a rustic feeling to it, and it is almost hidden away in the very center of Budapest, only one minute away from the beautiful Chain Bridge on the Pest side of the […]