Budapest video from 1973 – Must see for Budapest fans

Four seasons in 1973

Are you a Budapest fan? If the answer is yes then you will love this Budapest video from 1973. It is a 30 minute film simply showing what Budapest was like, presented by the Hungarian singer Kati Kovacs.

We by coincidence bumped into this film in the library of the Norwegian TV channel NRK, so you can watch the film there if you want to.

  • Budapest video from 1973

Press the link above to visit the video on the NRK website and start watching the website. It is amazing to see the changes that has happened in the city since then. Just take a look at the following picture from the film which was made back then of what is today one of the nicest hotels in town, the Gresham Palace (Four Seasons).

Four seasons in 1973
Four seasons (Hotel Gresham) in 1973

There are lots of clips like the one above that is interesting, but you should be warned that the first 10 minutes are most interesting, because after that they start to sing a lot and you do not get to see as much of Budapest anymore.

And one more thing… it is often just as interesting to notice what you can not see as what you can see. Lots of buildings present today can not be seen in the video, you can see cars driving on the area which is the Danube Promenade today, and so much more. Enjoy the film and watch it.

Welcome to Budapest
This statue welcomed you to Budapest in 1973

It is supposed to be available all across the world, but if you should have problems watching NRK from abroad, just press the link to get help.

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