Chocolate museum in Corvin

Sometimes shops are given names that doesn’t exactly describe what is actually is. That is the truth for the Chocolate museum (original name: Csokolade muzeum) located in Corvin shopping center. It is a great place for chocolate lovers, but I guess the reality is that the place is more of a chocolate shop than a chocolate museum.

Not long ago I noticed this place as I visited the Corvin shopping center. Readers of the Budapest blog probably know by now that I am a chocolate lover, so of course I visit the chocolate museum/shop to see what they had to offer.

What can be found in the Chocolate museum?

Inside the walls of the chocolate museum you will find exactly what you expect to find, tons of chocolate. The main product of the shop are all kinds of Rakoczi products, but in addition you can buy traditional chocolates and quite a lot of imported Belgian chocolate and Mozart sweets. They have some special stuff in this shop that I have not seen to many other places, so you can buy a piece of chocolate with a tea spoon which should be placed inside a cup of hot milk, and within a few minutes your cup of hot chocolate is ready.

Since the profile of the shop is the Rakoczi brand you can buy really exclusive Rakoczi chocolate with all kinds of strange ingredients. I bought a white chocolate with strawberries, orange tea, lemongrass and other snacks added to it. It looked and tasted differently and I guess the word remaining on my tongue after the chocolate had melted was „interesting.”

Chocolate museum wrap up

In addition to all kinds of chocolate you can also buy chocolate fondue equipment, tea bags, some toys and other effects in the chocolate museum. Not a place I couldn’t live without, but if you are a chocolate lover you should probably drop by the place if you ever are in the area near Corvin cinema and the Corvin shopping center.

[stextbox id=”info”]As you have understood this isn’t a real chocolate museum. There is though a real chocolate museum in Budapest, so maybe we will return with an article about that some other time![/stextbox]

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