Christmas market in Budapest – 2008


In forums all around the world and in travel magazines people now speak of the christmas markets around the world, and around in Europe. I just visited a page where they wrote about the ten best christmas fairs in Europe, and Budapest was not included. Included or not, Budapest has a great christmas market at the Vörösmarty Square (endstation of the yellow underground line), and here you can buy presents, food and have a really good time!

This year it is the tenth anniversary for the christmas market, and more than 150 programs accompany the christmas market. Around 600 000 visitors are expected to visit the market between 21 November and 29 December.

More Christmas Market pictures can be found here and here.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas market in Budapest – 2008

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have been reading on a few websites that the Christmas Market starts on November 29th. Is there anyway to confirm what the actual start date is?

  2. Budapest Guide says:

    I just surfed around and noticed as well the November 29 on one place, but the official tourist company of Hungary sais November 21, and so does several other pages, so I would, and I do trust the official sources!

    By the way, one of the pages that says from November 29 has not been updated this year. And last year the market started the 29th of November, so I guess that is the solution to your question!

    But this year it will start the 21st of November

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