Coldplay Budapest 2024

One of the most popular bands in the world is coming to Budapest in the summer of 2024. The band is incredibly popular and that is why they will have three concerts at the biggest venue in Budapest, Puskas Ferenc Stadium.

The Coldplay concerts in Budapest are a part of a giant world tour that started in 2023. During the tour, Coldplay will visit cities such as Bucharest (Romania), Athens (Greece), Tokyo (Japan), Los Angeles (United States), Lyon (France), Rome (Italy), Vienna (Austria), and Dublin (Ireland). These are all fantastic cities, so if you cannot find tickets for one of the Coldplay concerts in Budapest, you should consider listening to the band at the Ernst-Happel Stadium in Vienna instead!

Coldplay Budapest 2024

Venue: Puskas Ferenc Stadium
Dates: June 16, 18, 19


No more tickets left? Most of the tickets for the Coldplay concerts in Budapest were sold out immediately. Would you really like to be there at Puskas Stadium to listen to and see Coldplay live? You can buy second-hand tickets to the concert at Viagogo.

Good luck finding tickets for the concerts. If you need help with other programs in Budapest, a private airport transfer, or some other activity, look around in our Budapest Guide to find useful information for your stay.

Looking for a hotel near the Coldplay concert?

Would you like to live in a hotel or an apartment close to the stadium? It is quite easy, and there are many hotels and apartments to choose from. Take a look at the map below to find an option suitable for you.

If you need to park your car before the concert, the easiest option is to park in the Arena Plaza and walk to the stadium! Are you ready to have fun at one of the Coldplay concerts in Budapest? We hope so!

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Coldplay Budapest

Coldplay on Mylo Xyloto tour in Budapest 2012
Coldplay on Mylo Xyloto tour

Coldplay visited Budapest September 23rd in 2008, and now they will soon return to our beautiful city again. Coldplay remains one of the hottest band on planet earth, and it will for sure be full house and a great atmosphere as they perform in Papp Laszlo Budapest Sportarena again. The Coldplay concert will be arranged January 7th in 2012 and the concert is supposed to start around 20.00.

This tour is of course connected to the release of their new album Mylo Xyloto (release date in the end of October 2011). So, you better buy the new album and get to know and enjoy the songs, and then you have the perfect foundation for enjoying the Coldplay concert in Budapest event more.

— The concert has not yet been finally confirmed, so come back for more inforamtion, or check the comments beneath the article for more information —

Coldplay Budapest 2012
Budapest Sportarena
January 7th, 20.00 (not confirmed yet)

Tickets: later

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Did you know that Coldplay are a British alternative rock band formed in 1996 by lead vocalist Chris Martin and lead guitarist Jonny Buckland at University College London?