Dinner in Il Treno

Not long ago I had the chance to dine in Il Treno in Budapest. Until now I have only eaten pizza slices from Il Treno on the run, but this was the first time I actually sat down in an Il Treno restaurant to really eat. And I am glad I did!

There are quite some Il Treno’s located in Budapest, but I visited the Il Treno restaurant located in Bartok Bela ut. This is a bit outside the city centre of Budapest, but if you live in hotels such as Hotel Griff, Hotel Mediterrean, Danubius Hotel Flamenco or maybe even Hotel Gellert, it isn’t that far away.

What we ate in Il Treno?

I am a pizza fan so I ordered a pizza, but I made sure that everyone else ordered something else, making me able to taste lots of other main courses in Il Treno as well. My father in law ate a spaghetti carbonara, my mother in law a fajitas with chicken and my beautiful wife a pasta with tasty sauce made up of smoked cheese, broccoli and other snacks.

After a while the food was served. I tasted all four main courses and to my surprise they tasted great, all four of them, especially the two spaghetti/pasta courses. I can warmly recommend those to everyone. After the main courses success we ordered four desserts hope for same great success over again. We had different sorts of pancakes with sauce and cottage cheese and the traditional Hungarian sponge cake (somloi galuska). Unfortunately the main course success did not remain for the desserts. It was not big mistakes with them, but at the same time they were nothing special, so if I would return another time I would probably skip the dessert.

Even though we did not enjoy our dessert as much as the main course, we were still very satisfied with our dinner and also with the price level of the restaurant. We all ordered drinks and the total price of five main courses, four desserts and drinks for everyone was just beneath 12,000 HUF.

If you have been to Il Treno yourself we would love to have you share your thoughts and your experience as you write a comment!

Il Treno information

1116 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 105-113
Tlf: +36 20 953 7261

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