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Driving license BudapestMany of the international people in Budapest are curious about what it is like to make the driving license in Budapest. They look for english speaking teachers, but that is not really what this article is about.

Some weeks ago a friend of mine made his second try to get his driving license in Budapest. The first did not succeed and the reason was a mistake he made during the driving. The second time he failed as well, but he received no real explanation. Though, afterwards the teacher pulled him aside and told him that it would only work if he payed, around 20,000 Ft. As I heard about it I was quite shocked. Since then I forgot about it all.

Today I met the wife of my friend, and she happily told me that the boy got his driving license today. I asked if he payed… and yes he did! Congratulations!

I heard about this in cities outside Budapest, but I did not really know that this existed in Budapest. When I made my driving license I used Csigavér and there were absolutely no problems. The teacher was great, and we did not have to give any money except from what was the actual cost for the driving lessons and for the exam. I failed once, but that had nothing to do with money; for the first time in my life I did not recognize a red lamp… Suddenly my teacher stepped on the brake, and I understood that I had failed. But the second time everything was perfect, and since then I have my driving license!

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  1. Budapest Guide says:

    The only problem was that the person should have passed the test the second time, but the teacher and examinator would not let him through before he payed. So for those who are good at driving this could be seen as a penalty, but for those not able to drive… it can be a really nice gift if all you need to do is to pay!

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