Empty shelves in many Budapest stores

After the announcement made by Gergely Gulyas yesterday, people flocked to the stores to purchase groceries, flour, and other articles in Budapest. The announcement was about closing universities, and also about not allowing anyone to visit Hungary from Italy, China, South Korea, or from Iran.

His announcement worked as a catalyst, and a few hours later, people started to report about the most important goods to be impossible to find on the shelves of many stores.

But, are people starting to store up for the coming weeks? We paid a visit to a local Aldi store in Budapest this morning at seven o’clock. That is just after opening, and we expected the shelves to be packed with ingredients and ready for a new day. What is the truth?

Here you can see what met us.

If you want to buy chocolate, orange juice, or maybe some cucumbers, you wouldn’t have trouble doing so. But, if you went to the store looking for flour, tomato sauce, spaghetti, pasta, rice, and all sorts of meat, you will soon find it harder to shop with success. And let us not forget, this was early in the morning when the shelves were supposed to be full.

We had a similar incident with empty shelves a few weeks ago, but then things turned quieter, and all products slowly returned to the shelves. Let us hope the same will happen once again. But, if there will come more critical announcements, or if we will start to see people infected in larger numbers, this might get worse!

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