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Budapest Gourmet Festival

Are you looking for a real gourmet experience during your stay in Budapest? Do you want to do more than just eating the standard Goulash soup? Why not visit the Budapest Gourmet Festival which will be arranged in the Millenaris Park between May 21st and May 24th.

Budapest Gourmet Festival 2019

The Gourmet Festival is the perfect place for those in love with gastronomy, and for those who want to discover more than just the standard tastes of Hungary. At the festival, some of the best chefs in the area come to take part, and in 2019, Konstantin Filippou came to the festival. The main guests for 2020 have still not been announced, but it will be great no matter what!

If you want to know more about the gourmet festival in Budapest, check the official website of the festival.

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Budapest Gourmet Festival 2020

Millenaris Park (Buda side, near the Mammut center)
May 21st-May 24th

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May 21 - 24 2020
Millenaris Park


Millenaris Park
Millenaris Park, Kis rokus utca 16-20

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