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Formula 1 in Budapest

Formula 1 Budapest 2024

The Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix takes place at Hungaroring outside Budapest. The winner of last year’s race (Max Verstappen) will return to defend his victory, while the other Formula One drivers will come to get revenge for their defeat from last year.

The F1 Grand Prix in Budapest has been arranged every year since 1986, and every year hotels, apartments, and restaurants are filled up with people coming to Budapest to see and, experience the annual Formula One Grand Prix in town. If you plan to come, make sure to book your hotel room or apartment well in time; if not, it might be too late, or you will have to sleep in some hidden camping somewhere in the forest, as everything else will be full!

Formula One Budapest 2024

July 18th – July 21st
Track: Hungaroring

For more information on how you can watch this event on the Internet (if you can not be there at Hungaroring), read the following article.

Source: Dall-E.

Who will win the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2024?

Max Verstappen has won the last two races at Hungaroring. Can he make it a triple and win in 2024 as well? What do you think? It would be great to see some changes because it is starting to get boring with Max Verstappen winning everything.

Even though Max Verstappen has won in 2022 and 2023, those are his only titles in Hungary. The most-winning driver is Lewis Hamilton who has won the race eight times. Michael Schumacher is the second-most-winning driver at Hungaroring with four victories.

Where can I buy tickets for the Formula One race at Hungaroring?

There are lots of websites selling tickets for the Formula One race at Hungaroring. A very good website for buying tickets is https://shop.motorsport.tickets/.

If there are no tickets left and you are desperate to buy one or more tickets for the Hungarian Grand Prix, then it is possible to buy tickets from others at Viagogo. But, you should know that the prices are higher than if you buy the tickets directly, and there are always risks when buying tickets online in this way.

Where to stay if you come to Budapest for the Hungarian Grand Prix?

As Hunaroring is a good distance outside Budapest, many people are considering where to live. The area around the Hungaroring is quite desolate and abandoned, so the best thing is to stay in Budapest and only travel to the track on Sunday (and possibly on Saturday if you want to catch the race that day).

Below is a map showing Budapest and various hotels in the city center. It is easy to arrange a taxi via the hotel to transport you to the Hungaroring if desired.


How can I travel to Hungaroring from Budapest?

It is quite complicated to get to Hungaroring. For this reason, many people use taxis to travel to the venue during the competition days. A taxi is quite expensive, so if you want to save money, you could consider the public transportation solution. But, how much does a taxi really cost? It depends, but in 2023, the official taxi partner of the Formula One race was Bolt. If you order a taxi through them to Hungaroring, a normal taxi would cost about 40-50 Euros. Is that too much? Follow the public transportation instructions below.

The public transportation methods change frequently, but in recent years, the best option for traveling to Hungaroring has been the following.

  1. Travel to the end station of the red metro Örz Vezér Tere.
  2. Travel with HEV 8 (green train) from Örz Vezér Tere to Kerepes.
  3. Travel from Kerepes with special Volanbusz to Hungaroring gate 3.

When the race is finished and you want to get back to Budapest, do the following.

  1. Travel with Volanbusz from Hungaroring to Gödöllö.
  2. Travel by train or HEV from Gödöllö to Budapest.

A good thing is that you will not be alone, as thousands of others travel to and from Hungaroring in the same way. In other words, follow the crowd, and ask for help if you are insecure or need help.

When was the first Grand Prix race arranged in Budapest?

The first Formula One Championship was held at Hungaroring in 1986. That was quite revolutionary, as Hungary was still behind the Iron Curtain at that time. Since then the annual race at Hungaroring has become a tradition and a highlight in the calendar of sports fans in Hungary.

The current contract has ensured that Hungary will arrange an annual Formula One race until 2032.

Is there anything else I should pay attention to as I attend the Formula One race at Hungaroring?

The Hungarian Grand Prix is arranged in the middle of the summer. As a result, you should be prepared for extreme heat and strong sun. In other words, bring lots of sun cream along and you should probably add sun lotion to your skin several times while you are at the track. Another important thing is to drink enough water, besides all the alcoholic drinks many people consume while at the track.

If you have sensitive ears or just want to take good care of them, it might be wise to bring some earplugs. If you want to listen to live commentators on the radio, bring a headset that quiets the noise from the surroundings while giving you live reports from the race directly into your ears.

It isn’t a big problem, but wherever there are people, there are thieves. Watch out for your belongings at the track and even more so as you travel to and from the track and stand in line to enter or leave Hungaroring. You should also pay attention so that you don’t leave your backpack or other belongings at the metro, in the taxi, or at the racing track!

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Jul 18 - 21 2024


All Day


Hungaroring, Hungary

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