Free guided tour in Budapest

This is an offer that should definitely catch your attention! We now offer you a guided tour in Budapest for free… that means 0 Euro, 0 Dollar…. 0 Forint! How come? We are proud of the city, and we would like for you to enjoy it as much as we do. That is why we offer you this, and the only thing we encourage you to is to give the guide a good tip if you are satisfied with his/her work! If you are not satisfied, you do not even have to give tip.

Sounds great? This offer is only available for a short period of time, so be sure to write us if you would like such a guided trip!

If you want a trip with a car or a minibus the same offer is valid, but you will have to cover the cost of the transport, and you only tip the guide if you are satisfied!

Send us an email today!

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