Fresco Café at Franz Liszt square

Not long ago I got the chance to grab some pizzas in Fresco Liszt Cafe located at the Liszt Ferenc tér (Franz Liszt square) in Budapest. This square is one of the most popular places to grab a bite to eat in Budapest and with the Christmas market located at the square at the moment it gets even more crowded.

Fresco Budapest with good international food

On a nice summer day Fresco Café has a nice outdoor area where you can sit and enjoy your food while enjoying the beauty of the square, watching people run to their trams, buses and metros, listen to singing birds and maybe feel the smell of some delicious food in the making. As we visited Fresco it was -5 Celsius outside, so we moved on to the inside of Fresco to grab something to eat there. The interior of the restaurant is in fact very big, and it looks and feels good. This is a nice place to drink a hot chocolate and enjoy a chat with your best friend, and this is also a place to fill your stomach with some more serious stuff.

On the menu in Fresco Café you can find traditional Goulash soup (990 HUF), Caesar Salad with Chicken (1890 HUF), Wiener Schnitzel (2390 HUF), Rib Eye steak (5900 HUF), Beef fajitas with four kinds of salsa (3890 HUF), Beef stewed in red wine with butter dumplings (2550 HUF), Brownie with vanillia ice cream (950 HUF) and much more. This is a perfect place for families, because everyone can find something they like and if you long for a pizza they have quite a lot of those on the menu as well varying between 1500-2000 HUF.

We ate two different pizzas as we visited Fresco, one with ham and mushroom and the other one a traditional Hungarian with some spicy paprika, onion, salami and mushroom. The pizzas were large, so if you are not a big eater, then you can safely order one pizza for two persons. They tasted good and we were completely satisfied. I am not sure if this is normal or not, but when we visited Fresco they even had an offer saying that you got the second pizza at half price if you ordered two of them, so that was nice. All in all we paid less than 4000 HUF for two pizzas and two drink, and then the service fee was already included on the bill (they automatically add 12%). Not bad at all 🙂

If you walk around at the Christmas market at the Franz Liszt square, why not make a stop at Fresco? Good food, average prices, smiley service and good location!

Fresco Liszt Café & Lounge

1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 10.
Tel: (+36) 1 411-0915
Open: Monday – Sunday from 12.00-24.00

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