Guide de Budapest – Budapestguide in French

We are happy to announce that our Budapestguide now also exists in french. The address of the guide is So for the french people information can now be found about the different hotels of Budapest, the attractions and the activities of Budapest in french.

We celebrate this with a picture of the Eiffel Tower, located in Paris. By the way; yesterday I saw a text where they wrote that the original plan was to build the Eiffel Tower next to the Castle of Budapest, where the Funicular reaches the Castle Hill. This never came to be, and that is why it ended up in Paris.

Probably this is just a nice story with no proof in history, but if you come to Budapest it can be a nice thing to imagine as you look towards the castle area from the Pest side.

If you would like more interesting information about Budapest, join us at a guided tour!

Guide de Budapest – The guide in French.

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