Guided tour in smog heaven

Liberty SquareBudapestagent just wrote an article about the first smog alert ever in Budapest, and it started yesterday. I did not know about the rule concerning what cars could drive in the city, but I had heard about the smogproblem in television. Therefore I knew that it was a serious problem in Budapest caused by people (mostly big shopping centers, companies and so on) using oil for heating and as an energy source instead of gas.

Yesterday as I walked to my guided tour starting from a hotel near the Liberty Bridge I remembered that I heard someone recommend people to stay inside their flats, instead of going out! No problem I thought, and during the guided tour in Budapest it did not annoy me, nor my company, at all. Hopefully our longues did not suffer from it either.

I wrote several times last week about the cold weather in Hungary and Budapest, and it was cold yesterday as well, but on such occasions it is just to dress up with one more layer of clothes, and it is no problem at all! As I write this it is -6 Celsius in Budapest, and it seems to me as if the freezing cold is about to leave Budapest, and hopefully we will not see -10 Celsius again for a long time!

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