The History of Hungary in the New Age

The history of Hungary contains lots of excitements from the starts until the Regime. For the visitors, they could be a tourist, or somebody who moved out, but born in Hungary, or somebody who has Hungarian family but born in foreign lands, it is always an exciting program to know more about this little country’s history.

In Budapest, at one of the most beautiful and most famous museums, the National Museum, there are great permanent exhibitions which show the Hungarian history to the visitors in an interesting way. From the ninth room to the twentieth room in the museum, people can see fantastic relics, treasures and other interesting things to know more about the Hungarian history from the Rakoczi-revolution’s age until the Regime in 1990. The history class in school maybe wasn’t interesting to everyone, but it is sure, at an exciting exhibition studying is easy and unobserved, because it is not just dates, places or names, but interesting things which make learning funny.

It could be a great weekend program also to a foreigner and a local resident too, to visit the National Museum, which is in a beautiful place in Budapest. This institute located in a wonderful place in the downtown, in the Museum Garden, so after the exhibition you can walk around the park, have a lovely picnic, or just sit on the museum’s stairs and enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

The History of Hungary in the New Age
Permanent exhibition
Hungarian National museum

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