Hungary from prehistory to AD 804

We especially recommend the exhibition, which shows the history of Hungary between the Prehistory and the Conquest for those, who are really like history. This permanent exhibition gives a detailed description of the Hungarian history in the Paleolithic, the Neolithic, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the Roman age, moreover it gives more knowledge about the life, habits and history of the Avars, the Huns and the Germans.

The exhibition which is in from the first to the eights room of the museum, people could see interesting archeological objects. For example an instrument from the Paleolithic, whose voice can be heard. If you are really interested in archeological objects, or the history of Hungary, or you just like to visit museums, this is your place in the National Museum.

Just imagine, you and your family, your friends or your partner spend a few lovely days in Budapest, visit the most famous attractions, like Statue of Liberty, Citadel, Chain Bridge or Parliament, and after that you visit one of the most famous museums in Budapest, where you can see interesting things. Moreover, the museum located in a lovely place, in the Museum Garden, so after or before the exhibition you have the choice to walk around the park and have a picnic, or just sit on the stairs in front of the museum and enjoy the afternoon sunshine. Have a great time!

Hungary from prehistory to AD 804
Hungarian National Museum
Permanent exhibition

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