History of Hungary from the statehood to the Middle Ages

Certainly you are interested in this small, but very strong and beautiful country’s history. Well, Hungary’s history contains lot of turns, vicissitudes, fights and happiness, and because of that we are sure, everybody finds an interesting program visit to National Museum in the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

The history of Hungary includes the seven leaders, the Conquest, Prince Arpad and King Steven. The National Museum’s amazing exhibitions shows the whole history of this country from the Arpad-age to nowadays to visitors. From the first to the eighth room of the museum visitors can see the starts, relics of kings from the Arpad-age, treasures of Anjou royals and expensive clothes from Turkish occupation, but moreover there are several tools, clothes, visitors can read more about history and legends, and of course there are several rarities too from different ages.

Let’s know more about the history of Hungary in one of the most beautiful museums of the capital. Imagine that after the wonderful exhibition, you walk around the Museum Garden, drink a coffee with a delicious cake in the Museum Café and go inside a lovely old book store, where you can find interesting books in foreign languages too. You have all the chance for it, if you visit National Museum while you are in Budapest.

Do not miss to know more about the exciting history of Hungary with plenty of adventures! It would be a fantastic program to small and big too! Have a great time!

History of Hungary from the statehood in the Middle Ages
Permanent exhibition
Hungarian National museum

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