The Hungaroring is the track for the annual Formula One Grand Prix taking place in Budapest, Hungary. On the right hand you can see what the track looks like. It is known to be a dusty and hot, and it has only been raining once since the first race in 1986.

This article is outdated. Look at our page about the Hungarian Grand Prix for updated information.

How to get to Hungaroring?

How do I get to Hungaroring by car?

The racetrack is about 22 km from the center of Budapest. Leaving Budapest, follow the M3 highway. Here you can download a map of how to get there.

How do I get to the circuit by public transportation?

With the free shuttle bus: A shuttle bus leaves for the circuit from the bus station on the Pest side of the Árpád Bridge. The service is free of charge for all passengers presenting a vaild ticket for the Formula One. Point of departure at Árpád bridge Pest side, point of arrival, Mogyoród church square.

Point of departures: Friday Árpád bridge: from 07.30 till 11.00 every 30 minutes Mogyoród church square: from 16.00 till 19.00 every 30 minutes

Saturday Árpád bridge: from 07.30 till 11.00 every 15 minutes Mogyoród church square: from 16.00 till 19.00 every 15 minutes

Sunday Árpád bridge: from 07.30 till 12.00 every 15 minutes Mogyoród church square: from 15.30 till 17.00 every 15 minutes

By train:

Train service also exists. The train (called the Gödöllõi HÉV) leaves the Örs Vezér tér station every half an hour beginning at 4:30 a.m., stopping at the temporary train station named “Hungaroring”. Please find the exact timetable at The train is not free of charge, costing approx. HUF 430,00 for a one way ticket. (1€ = approx. HUF 400)

By Taxi

A normal taxi to the Hungaroring should cost about 10,000 HUF. The return fare is supposed to be the same if you use the official taxi companies. If you just jump on some taxi, you might find yourself paying twice as much, or even more.

Formula 1 Budapest

Hotels near Hungaroring.

Below you can see hotels quite close to Hungaroring. If you decide to live in the city center of Budapest, it is easy to find taxies and other services that will transport you to the Formula 1 track.