Letter from some Budapest visitors

BudapestWith permission from the writers we hereby publish a letter we recently received from a couple that had been to Budapest. Enjoy the reading, and listen to their advices in the end of the email. If anyone else should have experiences to share you can write a comment, or send us your own travel letter and we will publish that as well!


This may be late but nevertheless. My wife and I visited Budapest Mar 21 – 25, specifically to experience the city as well as to take in AC/DC. What a blast we had!!!! The people in Budapest were more than friendly, they were beautiful and sweet. The Budapest card for travel was a godsend, what a great idea. The food was spectacular. And the scenery was one of a kind. The history of the region was very numbing. How much crap that area has put up with the last 1000’s of years is amazing, yet Budapest keeps re-inventing itself. It was a trip we will remember for a lifetime and we thank the people of the city of Budapest. Just wish we would have known of this website before we visited, perhaps next time.

P.S. Warn you visitors of getting fake forints back from cab drivers as change, happened to us and when I presented it to a vendor a fight almost ensued. Lesson learned for me as I should have been more educated.

Thank you Budapest
Kelly and Ashley

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