New bomb found in Budapest

Two weeks ago several thousand people had to move out of their homes for quite some hours because they found a bomb in the 13. district of Budapest. Yesterday evening they found an even bigger one (the bomb has a weight of more than two tonns), so today the police is working with getting 16.000 people to leave their homes in the 9. district of Budapest. This is for their own security, in case the disarming of the bomb will not be successful. The bomb was found on the corner by the Vaskapu street and the Tóth Kálmán street.

All the people in the area have not left their homes yet, therefore they have not yet started working with the disarming of the bomb. People have been sent to different places while waiting for something to happen, and almost 500 people could be found in the Orczy Park around 16.00 according to the Hungarian newspaper Népszabadság.

Because of this it can become quite heavy traffic jams this evening and until all the closed roads in the 9. district will be opened again.

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