New Erkel Theater to be built

Many people who have been looking for cheap theater and opera tickets in Budapest have been to the Erkel Theater. Located near the Keleti Pályaudvar the location is not the best, and the building in itself is in very bad condition. So many have probably thought afterwards that they would rather have used some more money, and gone to the State Opera instead. Anyway, good news are on the way!

The government has decided to destroy the Erkel Theater (Erkel Színház) for then to build up a brand new and modern theater instead. It is expected to be finished by the autumn in 2012, and the Opera is allowed to use this one for performances 180 days a year. Living for more than two years we all know that expected times for buildling or highways to be finished almost never succeed, so it will for sure be at least 2013 before it is finished, but it is anyway good news that they will build a new Erkel Theater.

If you can read hungarian, and want even more details about the Erkel Színház, you can read this article from Népszabadság.

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