New opportunities in Budapest

Since Budapest is a city full of life and opportunities, we have to stay awake and keep our services up-to-date. Knowing that tourists coming to Budapest not only look for only guided tours, but also other kind of tours, we have expanded our guided tour list with some new possibilities and options. One of them is the well-known pub crawl. According to Wikipedia a pub crawl is “the act of one or more people drinking in multiple pubs or bars in a single night, normally walking to each one between drinking.” So that is our goal when tourists come to join us on one of these trips.

We also added to our register wine tasting in Budapest and helicopter tours above Budapest. Our wine tasting is not directed towards the professional winetaster, but rather directed towards those who simply love wine, enjoy wine and would like to taste Hungarian wines. The helicopter sightseeing is an affordable event, but it will for sure give memories to tell colleagues, friends and family about when you go home.

These are all brand new services, and we are curious to receive feedback on these as our guests start trying them out. Maybe you would like to be among the first people to try one of these offers?

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