Nice eating in Budapest

Yesterday it was Torkos Csütörtök, and as I mentioned before, we were out to enjoy it. Unfortunately I was only able to visit two restaurants (time did not allow more), but that was both fun, interesting and gave some new experiences.

Lunch at Spoon
Budapest RestaurantAt noon we entered into Spoon with my wife and ate our lunch there. We ate Caesar Salad and an Angus Steak, and for dessert we ate Brownie a’ la Spoon and Cinnamon flavoured apple rings in pastry coat with homemade nut ice cream. It was nice to sit in a restaurant were you can watch the castle as you eat. Even more interesting was to watch the castle as you pee (worth a try). Not many restaurants in Budapest give you that possibility.

The food at Spoon was really good, but I felt as if the portions were to small, compared to the price (of course it was cheap yesterday, but knowing that it would cost twice as much on a normal day it felt to expensive, for too little). The desserts were the highlight of our stay, and the floating chocolate inside the Brownie was really good!

Dinner at Il Patio
Budapest RestaurantWe had not planned to eat dinner outside, but some appointments were cancelled and suddenly we had some free hours. Most restaurants were packed yesterday, but we decided to visit Il Patio at Deak Square, and eat there, if they had a free table for us. They had!

My wife was not really hungry, so she only ate a starter. They waiter told us it would not be much, but she insisted on eating only that, as she did not feel hungry. She ordered Focaccia alla Cipolla e Bacon, which looked as some kind of a pizza, only very, very thin! And in fact she got so much, that the starter became even to much for here! Nice start!

As I have been in Il Patio before eating a salad, I wanted to try a real italian pizza this time. That is why I ordered a Prosciutto e Funghi with cheezy crust. As the food came we ate it all up, and finishing it we were both full. Still I was thinking about how much this would cost, and knew that so far we had only used around 3000 forints (we had bought two drinks as well). That is why we ordered a Banana Split for dessert, and though we were both full, we both had some extra dessert space. It was very good! As payment time arrived the price should have been around 4500 Forint, but because of Torkos Csütörtök it was only 2473 Forint or something (Service Fee was added to the bill automaticly). Leaving the restaurant I though that it would be cheap anyway, but getting it for half price it felt as a robbery, though a legal one!

We enjoyed the day, and Saturday we will continue as Baraka is having “Torkos Csütörtök” for four days, ending Sunday.

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