Most people who come to Budapest know that this is not the city you visit to eat fresh fish and delicious seafood. There are some exceptions to the rule, but in general fish is not the speciality of the restaurants in Budapest. If you still want to eat fish, one of the places you could go is to one of the Nordsee fast-food restaurants in Budapest.

Nordsee has had a special history in Budapest. They arrived, opened several restaurants, went bankrupt and left the country, for then to open up again one month later. They went bankrupt in 2012 January and then opened up again in February 2012. Most of the restaurants that once existed never opened up again, but today you can find some very few Nordsee fast-food restaurants in Budapest.

My personal Nordsee experience

I have not eaten much in Nordsee, but a few weeks back I tasted a wrap with salmon and other snacks. I really enjoy good smoked salmon, and this wrap was worth its money. You might say that the price (which was somewhere around 900 HUF) was expensive, but if you compare it with the price of a stand alone Big Mac in McDonalds it is not bad at all. And at least I believe that a fish sandwich or fish wrap in Nordsee is healthier than a hamburger with fries in McDonalds. Since I ate the wrap I am looking forward to eat in Nordsee again, but unfortunately the restaurants can be found at very few locations in Budapest (places which I spend very little time), so I am not sure when I will get to eat there again.

Nordsee in Budapest

Would you like to visit a Nordsee in Budapest yourself? Do not visit the official Nordsee homepage, because it is not updated. I am not sure if this list will be 100% updated either, but according to my knowledge (which is very limited) Nordsee can be found at the current locations in Budapest at the moment:

  • Nordsee Westend (in Westend CityCenter)
  • Nordsee Campona (in Campona shopping mall)
  • Nordsee Arena (in Arena Plaza)
  • Nordsee Mammut (in Mammut shopping mall)

Please write a comment if you know about other Nordsee restaurants in Budapest, and I will make sure to keep this list updated so that fish hungry locals, expats and tourists can enjoy fish food at Nordsee fast-food restaurants in Budapest.

Ps: I am not saying that Nordsee is the best place for fish in Budapest, but it could be an option for a quick fish meal instead of other fast-food in the shopping malls of Budapest.

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