Norwegians celebrating May 17. in Budapest

May 17. is the Norwegian national day, celebrating the constitution they made in 1814. In Norway all children parade through their cities, and everyone eat ice cream and hot dogs. For the Norwegian students in Budapest that is something they would not want to miss, but since they live in Budapest they arrange something similar to that here. So last Sunday they marched around at Margaret Island singing norwegian songs, eating Hot Dogs and then having a longlasting celebration at Hold Udvar.

What made the celebration even bigger was the fact that Norway won the Eurovision Song Contest the night before!

Below you can see some pictures from the celebration, the Norwegian winner song from the Eurovision Song Contest and the participants at the May 17. celebration singing the Norwegian national song.

Alexander Rybak – I’m in love with a fairytale
“Ja, vi elsker”
17. may pictures from Budapest

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