Now you can order Kindle to Hungary from Amazon

Kindle Voyage Hungary

Kindle Voyage HungaryA couple of years ago we wrote about ordering products from Amazon which is quite hard when you live in Hungary, but recently we noticed a change, because it is now possible to order a Kindle to Hungary.

You can not buy all sorts of Kindle (the e-book reader from Amazon), but the newest reader which is called Kindle Voyage can be sent to countries all around the world, including Hungary. So, if you want to order a Kindle from or maybe from and have it delivered to Hungary then it can now be done. Notice that the standard Kindle can not be sent, neither can the Kindle Paperwhite, but the newest product named Kindle Voyage can be sent to Hungary, so if you order it from Amazon you will have it sent to you within a few days!

If you want to buy a Kindle Voyage and have it delivered to Hungary the cheapest store is, the German Amazon Store, which is now also available in English. Maybe you have ordered from earlier, but if you compare prices you will soon notice that products in general are cheaper in the German store.

What is great with a Kindle is that you can bring it with you all across the world, and even if it might be a bit hard to get it delivered if you live in a country like Hungary, then it will be so easy once you have it, because you just buy a book in the Amazon store and you will have it on your Kindle within seconds, so no waiting at all!

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