Page rank update April 2, 2009?

I am just sitting in front of my computer (April 2, 2009), and then suddenly it seems like if something is happening. My google toolbar is starting to give values I have not seen before. In the last weeks I have been working some on a page called and it deals with concerts around the world. Suddenly some minutes ago I saw that it had a toolbar value of 2 (yesterday it had nothing).

At the same time all the Budapest guide pages have remained the same values, except from the fact that the Dutch fact seems to have gone from page rank 3 to nothing (grey value). The same happened with the Hungarian page earlier, but then it received its page rank 3 value back within some days. So, maybe that is what will happen now as well.

It seems as if this Budapest Guide (the english one) is stuck on page rank 4, if nothing changes within the coming hours and days. That is nice as well, but it would be really cool to continue the walk upwards on the page ranking rank!

I just wrote a text yesterday about learning Hungarian and private teachers in Budapest, and of course that has not received any value yet. But, if you should be interested, the page can be found here, and another page we recommend if you are looking for private Hungarian teacher, can be found here.

One thought on “Page rank update April 2, 2009?

  1. Adi says:

    I just given PR2 in the last update
    But now when I check it on some PR checker site it shows 0
    Anybody knows what’s going on??

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