Pizza Eataliano Budapest review

A couple of days ago I visited the most central Pizza Eataliano in Budapest, located only a few hundred metres from the Christmas market at Vörösmarty square. We decided to eat our lunch there with my wife and son and entered the restaurant and enjoyed our meal in total peace as there were nearly no other guests around.

I have been to other Pizza Eataliano restaurant before in Budapest, and I also visited quite a lot of them before they turned into Pizza Eataliano (earlier this Italian restaurant chain in Budapest was named Pizza Marzano). In the Pizza Marzano days this chain was not at all a favorite, and I rather avoided the place.

I am not sure what happened to the chain with the name change, but something have taken place, because the quality is for sure better now than before. With my wife we ate pizza and she had some grilled pork with mushroom sauce as a main course. For dessert we had chocolate cake, panna cotta and some vanilla ice.

My remembrance told me that the pizza in Pizza Eataliano is a bit better than in most other Italian restaurants in Budapest. It was true. The tomato sauce used has a better taste, and that serves as the basic for a good pizza. The ingredients worked out fine and I enjoyed my pizza. If I take into the consideration that my 27cm pizza cost 2000 HUF that is quite expensive compared to most place in Budapest, but still with such a central location, nice interior and good quality, the price is not to bad after all. My wife truly enjoyed her main course, and as she has a crush on everything that has to do with mushrooms at the moment, she really enjoyed the mushroom sauce served next to the grilled pork fillets. Her main course cost 2800 HUF. The dessert was a mixture of chocolate cake, panna cotta and a vanilia ice. This costed 1000 HUF. All in all, without drinks, the price was 5800 HUF.

Kitchen in Pizza Eataliano

As I mentioned earlier the interior of the restaurant is very nice and modern. The toilets are clean and nice and this is for sure a safe place to come with family and friends to eat some Italian food while walking around in the center of Budapest. One of the challenges of the restaurant is though the location. It is good, but still the normal tourist never walk by this place as it is a bit hidden away behind two corners. Most tourists who look for Italian food while walking in downtown Budapest normally drop by La Cucina instead, and this is a very popular place. Which is the best?

Dessert in Pizza Eataliano

La Cucina has a great cuisine and a much more authentic Italian atmosphere. The decorations, the table clothes and atmosphere is better. The prices are quite similar, so if I had to choose as a tourist, I would probably dine in La Cucina instead of Pizza Eataliano. But, if you want to try something else and maybe eat your lunch or dinner in a more peaceful environment, or maybe have a business meeting with something to eat, then Pizza Eataliano is more suited for such activities than La Cucina.

What about the other Pizza Eataliano restaurants?
I have not eaten in all Pizza Eataliano restaurant in Budapest (there are 4 or 5 of them), but in general the menues are very much the same, prices are the same and the ingredients are the same. Therefore if you see a Pizza Eataliano sign that is a safe haven for those wanting to eat some pizza, a salad or some typical easy main course. You can eat lasagne as well in Pizza Eataliano, but a general problem in most restaurants is that they are totally unable to make good and tasty lasagne, and the same is the problem in Pizza Eatliano (meaning: skip that).

Pizza Eataliano restaurants in Budapest

Budapest, V. Vécsey utca 5.
Budapest, VI. Andrássy út 41.
Budapest, I. Batthyány tér 6.
Budapest, V. Dorottya utca 6.

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