The art of preserving art is very important, and in this exhibtion hosted by the Hungarian national museum you can see examples of arts preserved. Everything from the past has a cultural value, and that is why it is important to protect and to preserve objects and articles. More information further down.

Preserved Art Treasures
Hungarian National Museum
June 25 – August 13

Budapest museums

Press release:
Since 1996 it has becoming traditional that the diploma works of graduating students of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts Department of Conservators were exhibited in every year. A part of the training process, namely the object conservating education is co-operating with the Hungarian National Museum.

The aim of the exhibition is to declare that all memories of the past -without reference to their present value – are part of our cultural heritage. The exhibited masterworks are supplemented with illustrations which contain a brief historical review, the condition before conservation and a step by step description of the work. Our visitors could follow the process by the help of photo-documentation.

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