Shouty man on Castle Hill – with picture

At TripAdvisors forum one of the most popular threads has been the one discussing the so called „shouty man on Castle Hill.” Today we managed to make a photo of this „famous” person. The first post in the forum had the topic “Shouty man on Castle hill”, and it said:

Has anyone else experienced this rather strange man offering tours outside the funicular? He goes on and on about offering you a guided tour and becomes very agitated if you try and interupt him, and when you do have enough and walk away he shouts after you “you know nothing, you know less than nothing!“”

Since then lots of people have commented on the story, and he has become quite a legend.

During a guided tour today we managed to make a picture of him, though he only let us if he could be taken picture of together with the 4 ladies we were guiding. So, that is why the four ladies can be seen in the picture. We hope in the future to be able to speak to this person, and maybe bring even more information to the public about this interesting, shouty, person at the Castle Hill.

The “Shouty man” with four norwegian girls on guided tour


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