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Want to find a great place to eat a lunch in Budapest? Do not look in the Budapest blog, TripAdvisor or other Budapest guides… walk around in Budapest and see where crowds gather to eat lunch! That is how we discovered the Soupbar located between Kalvin square and Fovam square.

I guess at least 20-25 times I have passed by the Soupbar on foot, with tram or with car. Whenever I pass by the place (during its opening times) it is packed with people standing in line to get their soup of the day, or standing outside the little bar eating their selected soup. And the interesting fact is that people draw people, and in the same way that I discovered the place, hundreds and probably thousands of others have learned to know the place wondering what all those happy people are eating standing there on the street between Kalvin square and Fovam square. Well, the answer is soup!

Soup of the Day in the Soupbar

The soupbar is not a restaurant, but the run with the slogan “Eat the Street” and “Str-eat.” It means that people buy their soup and then they eat it by one of the few tables outside the bar or bring it on to their office or a bench nearby. Every day you can choose from five different soups which can be found on the menu, most of them a bit exotic and with cool ingredients giving them a taste that you will make you return again and again. If you are really hungry they offer baguettes in addition to the soup, making sure that you will not leave the place hungry.

The price of the different soups are 450 Hungarian Forint and if you want to add a baguette to the soup the price will be somewhere between 800 and 1000 Hungarian Forint.

Soup of the Day examples

In the soupbar they keep bringing new soups all the time, but here you can find examples of some different soups that have been on the menu recently: Arabic chicken soup, Cold raspberry soup, Potato soup with pesto, Indian chicken soup, Tandoori chicken soup, Tomato and basil soup, Cauliflower soup, Thai cocoa soup and tons of other soups!

Want to eat some soup yourself? Visit the place and write a comment here afterwards and share your thoughts on the soup!

Soupbar Budapest

Address. Vamhaz korut 14
Opening times: 11.00 – 19.00 from Monday – Sunday
Payment: Cash only

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