Spring in Budapest

The spring is here, and sometimes the sun is even shining in Budapest. But, according to the weather forecasts bad weather is just around the corner. Some even claimed that snow might fall in Hungary later this week. Time will show, but I know there are many (and I include myself in that) who really long for the spring to blossom.

The spring is in fact one of the nicest periods of the year in Budapest, as it can become nice and warm, and often it allows you to walk in t-shirt outside already in March. But it seems as if that will not occur during this week at least.

The easter is also upcoming in Budapest, and we receive quite some emails concerning guided tours, apartments and table reservations. So if you are looking for help concerning easter we recommend you to contact us quickly, if not, you might contact us to late!

We wish all the readers of our Budapest blog a blessed and wonderful day (if its snowing, the sun is shining or whatever)!

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