Strike at Ferihegy

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December 11 update:
The strike at the airport is still lasting. Yesterday most flights arrived and departed from Budapest, but some flights were cancelled. The same will probably be the situation today. Prepare for delays.

An important difference is that all flights today will arrive and depart from Ferihegy 2, also those flights normally using Ferihegy Terminal 1.


BUDAPEST, 9 December 2008 – The Trade Union of Airport Employees and Service Providers (RDSZSZ) and the United Aeronautical Trade Union (LESZ) declared a general strike for an indefinite period at Ferihegy as of 6 .a.m. on Wednesday 10 December 2008.

It is not yet known which departments and how many employees will join the work stoppage. Airport Fuel Supply Ltd. (RÜK Kft.) will probably also join the strike, so Budapest Airport advised airlines to refuel at other airports.

Delays to flights and the cancellation of some flights is expected during the work stoppage.

Budapest Airport is taking every effort to minimize inconvenience for its passengers, and to keep them well informed about developments.

BA is requesting passengers to contact their airline for more information about their flights. Additional information is available on our website.

Budapest Airport kindly requests understanding and patience from passengers.

Source: Budapest Airport Zrt.

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One thought on “Strike at Ferihegy

  1. Amio Cajander says:

    Strike at Budapest Airport: How to face a crisis with incompetence.

    As in many other strikes workers are unfairly damaging innocent passengers. But I also suffered the incompetence of the managers of the airport to face that crisis on December 12th.

    No one organised the inmense crowd stucked in the airport lobby before going through security screening. No one gave accurate information. The Hungarian police just stood and stared at the desperate passengers uncapable to move in a huge human mass. The only source of reliable(?) information about my flight was calling home and asking to check airline’s webpage.

    Finally, after six hour at the terminal I could take off but I lost a connection flight and now I can not claim my money from anybody.

    Hungary does not deserve the way some people is “promoting” it.

    Full story here here

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