Mongol in Hungary

Genghis Khan BudapestSpeaking of mongols in Hungary, most people start thinking about 1241 when the Mongols invaded Hungary and killed big parts of the population (read History of Hungary), but last week another mongol entered Hungary; the film called “The Mongol.” It deals with the Mongol of all Mongols, Genghis Khan!

For those who plan seeing the film to learn more about what happened in Hungary and in other nations as the Mongolians invaded them and continued on, they might be disappointed. The reason? Many people fail to read the undertitle of the film, “The rise of Genghis Khan”. But, knowing that we can understand that the film deals with the childhood of Genghis Khan and the background for the empire to be built. It speaks of how the tribes where united under one flag. And what comes after that?

We do not know yet, but as far as I am informed they are planning to make two more films about the Mongol, so in those we might get the historical parts involving Hungary as well!

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