Strike updates Budapest – December 19

strike budapestThe Budapest Airport Zrt. has received critics from several places for using greeks to run the security checkin at the Ferihegy 2, but for us travelling it is normally more important to get home, than the nationality of the one checking if I have any explosives in my shoes or in my jacket! At least, due to the help from Greece all traffic at the airport is arriving and departing on time, and traffic is just as normal. The only difference is that all traffic still arrives and departs from Ferihegy 2.

Train strike
The MAV workers still strike, and though some trains go, that is impossible to know beforehand, so it is very risky to hope for your train to leave. The strike does not seem to end either, so several people who would like to go home for the 4th Sunday of advent might be stuck at the train station. As we wrote yesterday, it is though great that the MAV workers will not strike on the 24-25-26 December, to help out with some christmas traffic, at least!

Yet another strike cancelled
People working for the state also planned a strike in January, but the state managed to make a deal with them, so the planned strike was blown of before it started!

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