Strike updates from Budapest, January 20

Strike Budapest AirportYesterday we reported that a new strike has started at Budapest, Ferihegy Airport. It started yesterday at 16.00 and since then all traffic is arriving and departing from Ferihegy Airport Terminal 2. For all low-cost airlines that means that they will depart and arrive to Terminal 2, no matter what is written in their papers!

As last time the security people are striking, and though they have been trying to find a solution since the 22 December, they have not succeeded. Today at 10.00 they will sit down yet another time to discuss and negotiate, and hopefully find a solution to the problems.

We have still not received any reports about what life is like at the airport (long lines etc.), but we will write more as we get more information. Our advice to everyone is to be on the airport at least 2 hours before departure, as there for sure will be information problems and long waiting lines, at least by the security checks.

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