Black Friday confusion in Hungary

Black Friday is the second last Friday of November every single year. But for some reason, there is a general confusion about Black Friday in Hungary. This isn’t a new phenomenon in 2018, but it has been so for a couple of years. What is the consequence?

Black Friday in 2018 is officially November 23rd. But, quite a lot of stores in Hungary will run their Black Friday discounts on November 16th. We do not have a full list, and most likely stores, in general, will run the discounts on November 23rd, but quite a lot of online stores will run a Black Friday sale on November 16th.

Black Friday Hungary
Black Friday sale in Hungary – Pixabay is a giant store selling all sorts of computer accessories, and lots of other products. They will run their Black Friday campaign fully on November 16th. Another online store that will run Black Friday sale on November 16th is Now, it might be that they will have a bigger sale on November 23rd (as they only title the November 16 sale a pre-Black Friday sale).

No matter what, if you are looking for products to buy for yourself or as Christmas presents, now is the time to be on the alert and to watch out. You might find great products at lower prices than you normally would. But, you should also be careful, as lots of products are sold with giant “discount tags”, while the truth is that it still costs more than it normally would.

Our recommendation is, therefore, always check the price and compare it with the same product elsewhere online to see if it really is as great an offer and a fantastic discount as they try to present it to you!