Useful Budapest casino information

Poker Casino BudapestWhen coming to Budapest most people tend to avoid the casinos, while others are looking for the very best places to visit. There are two big categories of casinos in Budapest; the ones named Electronic Casinos and the more standard casinos. The biggest Casino brand in Budapest is the Admiral Electronic Casino chain.

One of these is located at the Grand Boulevard (Erzsébet Krt. 48-50), and here you can find more than 34 modern gaming machines and a roulette table with space for 8 persons.

If you are looking for a more typical Casino then you might want to look for Las Vegas casino by the Chain Bridge, which in its time was opened by Sylvester Stallone himself in 1992. According to themselves this is where Hungarian hospitality meets American gambling. In Las Vegas Casino they have 26 gaming tables, for example American Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco, Caribbean Stud and Drew Poker. Inside the casino you can also find 53 slot machines. As you come to Las Vegas Casino for the first time you will need to bring a valid Photo ID and a 10 Euro entrance fee needs to be paid which you will receive back in the form of gaming chips.

If you are looking for a 100% poker club the newest place in Budapest is the Doyle Brunson Pokerklub. This is a bit outside the city center of Budapest, but with a taxi you can get here within 10 minutes. The address is Nándorfejérvári út 40. But, these pokes clubs are not based on International guests, so you would probably to better joining in on a game of poker in one of the larger casinos for both native and international guests in the center of Budapest.