Some pictures from Pannonhalma and Hollókő

The summer is a great time for excursions in Hungary! Many Hungarians travel towards Lake Balaton to spend their summer holiday there, while others travel around to visit cities and areas they have never seen before.

One kind of tourists are those so called “World Heritage” tourists. They check out every single World Heritage site in a nation, and then travel on to check out more in other nations. If you are interested in World Heritage sites, then you have 8 places to visit in Hungary: (by clicking on the links you will leave our Budapest Guide, and move on to our Hungary Guide)

  • Budapest
  • Caves of Aggtelek Karst
  • Fertö Cultural Landscape
  • Hortobágy National Park
  • Necropolis of Pécs
  • Old Village of Hollókö
  • Pannonhalma
  • Tokaj Wine Region

We have recently posted pictures from Hollókő and Pannonhalma on our Facebook profile, but under this text you can see some of these pictures here as well! You can see more pictures from Pannonhalma and Hollókő by visiting the Hungary Guide.

Pannonhalma and Hollókő pictures