Corvin shopping center grand opening

Corvin Bevásárlóközpont
Corvin Bevásárlóközpont

Yesterday Corvin Shopping Center (Corvin bevásárlóközpont) opened in Budapest. Most shops had great discounts and in the evening the participants in X-Faktor entered the stage in the new shopping mall.

From morning till evening the center was packed with curious people, both young and old, curious at what this new shopping center in the eight district of Budapest had to offer. To be honest it does not have so much new stuff, but one shop that is brand new is Butlers. Until now Hungarians had to travel to Vienna to find this shop, but now it can be found in Budapest as well 🙂
(After writing this article DrDonzo corrected us, and commented that Butlers already exists in MOM Park)

Besides this many other shops could be found in the center (check out our Corvin shopping center page for more information), and many more will be opened within the coming months. The center was not completely finished, and many places work was still done to get this center up and ready.

More pictures from the centre can be seen at Corvin shopping center page.

At 20:30 in the evening the participants from X-Faktor in Hungary entered the stage and they all sang two songs each. Beneath you can see a video showing clips from all artists, and a video showing both songs performed by Norbert L. Király.

X-Faktor Club Concert (all artists)

Presenting: Takács Nikolas, Király L. Norbi, Vastag Csaba, Vastag Tamás, Szabó Mariann, Shodeinde Dorka, Summer Sisters, Non Stop, Wolf Kati, Domokos Fanni, Janicsák Veca

X-Faktor Club Concert – Király L. Norbi (Norbert L. Király)