János Thorma – National Gallery of Hungary

If you visit Budapest in these days you might see big posters with the title: “THORMA.” At the poster you can also see the painting of a moment, and even though it might not let you know all what it is about, it can give you an impression of what the exhibition in the National Gallery is about. Keep on reading to find out even more.

Thorma JanosJános Thorma was a Hungarian painter who was born in 1870. He was an influential artist in his age. He founded the art colony of Nagybánya. He used several different styles on his works, like naturalism, historical paining, romantic realism and the individual post-impressionism of Nagybánya.

He made several fantastic paintings, which can be seen by visitors between 8 February 2013 and 5 May 2013 in the National Gallery of Hungary, under the name of János Thorma exhibition. Naturally, the exhibited pictures include the woman’s portrait from the public poster, what’s name is The Portrait of Irén Bilcz, and the Hungarian artist painted it in 1892.

Organize a lovely weekend in Budapest with your family, friends or partner. Visit the most famous attractions of the city, like the Parliament, the Buda Castle or the home of lovely walks, the Margaret Island. Visit the most famous gallery of Budapest, The National Gallery of Hungary and see the masterpieces of a fantastic Hungarian painter. It could be a perfect program!

János Thorma exhibition
February 8th – May 5th
National Gallery