Picasso exhibition

Want to take a look at the biggest Picasso exhibition on display in Hungary ever? Visit the National Gallery before July 31st. The Museum of Fine Arts and the National Gallery are hosting this Picasso exhibition together, cooperating first of all with the Picasso museum in Paris. The exhibition opened on April 22nd and will […]

Monet, Gauguin, Szinyei Merse, Rippl-Rónai exhibition at the National Gallery

Yes, you actually read the title correctly; these and other famous painters’ work are exhibited at the National Gallery in Budapest until 13 October 2013! The exhibition is special in several ways. First of all, this is the reunited Museum of Fine Arts’ and National Gallery’s first common exhibition. The other reason is, the Israel […]

“The Way we are” – Cartoons and Prints of József Faragó in the National Gallery

Maybe not everybody interests about the typical exhibitions, where the exhibited painting, sculptures and other objects could be incomprehensible, or the exhibited objects from the different historical ages are boring. Well, we have a good news for those, who come to the capital of Hungary, Budapest, because in the most famous gallery of the city, […]

Image and Self-Image: National Gallery

The exhibiton “XIX. Art and Nation: Image and Self-Image” presents paitings and works from the end of the 18th century and the First World War. The Exhibition provides a pictorial testimony to the relationship between art and the concept of the nation, and this was of course very influenced by the patriotism and the Hungarian […]