Surrealism in the National Gallery (until October 20th)

There are only a few days left for Surrealist lovers in Budapest to enjoy an awesome exhibition currently on display in the National Gallery. Doesn’t it sound awesome to watch an exhibition in which you can see works made by Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Yves Tanguy, René Magritte, Pablo Picasso and Francis Picabia? You have the chance for a couple of more days in the National Gallery in Budapest.

Surrealist creation from Salvadore Dali
Surrealist creation from Salvadore Dali

Budapest might not be the capital of art in Europe, but there are some really interesting exhibitions on display in the city currently. In the Museum of Fine Arts, you can learn more about Rembrandt and the influence he had on his pupils. But, I guess the large crowds will be much more interested in the surrealist temporary exhibition in the National Gallery which will remain available until October 20th.

And, because of the crowds expected in the gallery for the next couple of days, the National Gallery will extend their opening time for as many people as possible to be able to actually see the paintings on display.

The exhibition is dealing specifically with the year 1929, and it is subtitled “Crisis and Rebirth in 1929.” Besides showing paintings made by Dali and his colleagues, there will also be surrealist photography on display, where the photos were made by Man Ray and Brassaï.

Doesn’t this sound interesting?

The National Gallery is located in the castle building in Budapest (at the Buda hill). If you first visit the gallery, make sure to visit the dome as well and enjoy the stunning view towards the Danube. This is the best way to actually see the Buda Castle on the inside, so it is well worth the visit, even if you do not even care about the arts. But, to be honest, if you ever were to visit an art exhibition in Budapest, this might be one of the most interesting!

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Picasso exhibition

Picasso exhibitionWant to take a look at the biggest Picasso exhibition on display in Hungary ever? Visit the National Gallery before July 31st.

The Museum of Fine Arts and the National Gallery are hosting this Picasso exhibition together, cooperating first of all with the Picasso museum in Paris. The exhibition opened on April 22nd and will be available until the last day of July. Here is some more information about the exhibition from the press release:

“Boasting a hundred paintings, drawings, sculptures and other artworks, this exhibition embraces every period of Picasso’s career, paying particular attention to one aspect of his ouvre: the constant transfigurations in his portrayal of the human figure. Most of the exhibited works have been generouslyloaned by the Musée national Picasso-Paris, which, with some 5000 works, preserves the largest Picasso collection in the world. The collection was bequeathed to the French state by the artist’s heirs, and contains works from every period of his activity, as well as 200,000 documents – letters, periodicals and photographs – from Picasso’s private archive.

The vast majority of the artworks on show – 74 in all – have come from the collection of the Musée national Picasso-Paris. These are supplemented by selected masterpieces kindly loaned by other major, global museums: The Israel Museum of Jerusalem, the Beyeler Foundation of Basel, the Kunstmuseum Bern, the Pushkin Museum of Moscow and the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Visitors can also see three paintings from the Ludwig Museum of Budapest, and an exquisite selection of etchings from the Collection of Prints and Drawings at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest.” (source)

Venue: National Gallery in Budapest

Dates: April 22nd – July 31st

This is a nice way to take a break if you are tired of watching the Euro 2016 matches in June and July, or if you are in town and watch all the matches outside on the Szabadsag square, but have some spare time in the middle of the day before all the matches start again in the evening.

The friendship between Rippl-Rónai and Maillol

Rippl ROnaiThere will be a huge exhibition on the two artists Rippl-Rónai József and Aristide Maillol from the middle of December in 2014 in the National Gallery, located in the Buda Caste.

The exhibition will be held in the Hungarian capital in Budapest. Rippl-Rónai József was a Hungarian Post-Impressionist painter who was born in 1861 and died in 1927. He was one of the most influential Post-Impressionist artist of Hungary and he also had a great impact on the life of the art in Hungary. Aristide Maillol was a French sculptor, painter and printmaker. He was born in 1861 and he died in 1944 and he is one of the most outstanding sculptor of France.

The exhibition in Budapest will show the friendship and the art works of the two artists. The exhibition focuses on to reveal the secrets behind the friendship of Rippl-Rónai and Maillol through their master pieces. At the exhibition visitors can discover the artists most important art works and you will also have the chance to have a closer look on the most famous portrait of Rippl-Rónai of his friend Maillol. Apart from this at the exhibition there will be a wide range of various art works of the artists including several works of Maillol (sculptures, carpets, paintings and so on). There will be approximately 40 art works of the French sculptor at the exhibition. The exhibition on Maillol and Rippl-Rónai will take place at the Hungarian capital in Budapest at the Hungarian National Gallery. The exhibition can be seen from 17th December 2014 until 6th April in 2015.

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Monet, Gauguin, Szinyei Merse, Rippl-Rónai exhibition at the National Gallery

Yes, you actually read the title correctly; these and other famous painters’ work are exhibited at the National Gallery in Budapest until 13 October 2013!

Monet Nemzeti GaleriaThe exhibition is special in several ways. First of all, this is the reunited Museum of Fine Arts’ and National Gallery’s first common exhibition. The other reason is, the Israel Museum have big part in the exhibition’s life. The institution in Jerusalem and the Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts have worked together earlier, when the Holy Land’s Heritage exhibition was in Budapest in 2009 and at the same time the Israel Museum showed Hungarian graphics to its audience.

The three cultural institutions, the Israel Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery show masterpieces like Monet’s, Gauguin’s and the Hungarian Rippl-Rónai’s and Szinyei Merse’s works, as you can see in the title. Besides them visitors could admire in the art of Pissarro, Degas, Renoir, Cézanne and Van Gogh too, and they are just the foreign names! Naturally the Hungarian talents can’t stay out from this monumental event, so you could see the masterpieces of Ferenczy Károly, Vaszary János, Fényes Adolf or Mednyánszky László in the Gallery.

If you like art and your favorite topic is exactly the impressionism and post-impressionism, you should definitely visit the National Gallery until 13 October 2013 in Budapest!

Exhibition-group at the National Gallery
Until October 13th

János Thorma – National Gallery of Hungary

If you visit Budapest in these days you might see big posters with the title: “THORMA.” At the poster you can also see the painting of a moment, and even though it might not let you know all what it is about, it can give you an impression of what the exhibition in the National Gallery is about. Keep on reading to find out even more.

Thorma JanosJános Thorma was a Hungarian painter who was born in 1870. He was an influential artist in his age. He founded the art colony of Nagybánya. He used several different styles on his works, like naturalism, historical paining, romantic realism and the individual post-impressionism of Nagybánya.

He made several fantastic paintings, which can be seen by visitors between 8 February 2013 and 5 May 2013 in the National Gallery of Hungary, under the name of János Thorma exhibition. Naturally, the exhibited pictures include the woman’s portrait from the public poster, what’s name is The Portrait of Irén Bilcz, and the Hungarian artist painted it in 1892.

Organize a lovely weekend in Budapest with your family, friends or partner. Visit the most famous attractions of the city, like the Parliament, the Buda Castle or the home of lovely walks, the Margaret Island. Visit the most famous gallery of Budapest, The National Gallery of Hungary and see the masterpieces of a fantastic Hungarian painter. It could be a perfect program!

János Thorma exhibition
February 8th – May 5th
National Gallery

“The Way we are” – Cartoons and Prints of József Faragó in the National Gallery

Farago JozsefMaybe not everybody interests about the typical exhibitions, where the exhibited painting, sculptures and other objects could be incomprehensible, or the exhibited objects from the different historical ages are boring. Well, we have a good news for those, who come to the capital of Hungary, Budapest, because in the most famous gallery of the city, in the National Gallery, a wonderful and funny exhibition waits for the visitors from the work of the Hungarian caricaturist, József Faragó.

József Farago lived between 1866 and 1906. József Faragó was an influential, known and respected caricaturist of his age, who renovated the art of the Hungarian political cartoon. As an employee of the Borsszem Jankó, and after the Kakas Márton, he became famous in the whole country. His biting, but always direct hit parodies showed the daily political life in a funny but hard way through his cartoons, which were cannot waited to subscribers in every week.

The exhibition in the National Gallery waits for the visitors from 12 October 2012 until 2 June 2013. Mainly we offer this funny exhibition for those, who like this type of humor, the caricatures and jokes. It isn’t a problem, if you don’t know much about the Hungarian political life of this age, because the drawings are understandable and funny for everyone.

Do not miss this side-splitting exhibition. Make the museum trips more enjoyable and with it, know more about the Hungarian history through a curved mirror! Have a great time!

“The Way we are” – Cartoons and Prints of József Faragó
Hungarian National Gallery
October 12th, 2012 – June 2nd, 2013

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What museums are open in Budapest during Christmas?

I am going to Budapest from December 22nd – December 28th. I wonder what museums can be visited during this period?

Museums during Christmas in BudapestWe do not have a full list of museums open in this period, but here you can find some general information which will hopefully help you. What we can tell is this general information:

General museum information
Most museums are open on December 22nd and 23rd.
Most museums are closed on December 24th and 25th.
Most museums reopen on December 26th, though some with only temporary exhibitions available.

Some museums who follow this pattern:
Museum of Fine Arts
Hungarian National Museum
National Gallery

Just for your information:
Most museums are closed on December 31st, but most of them are open on January 1st again.

Rippl-Rónai temporary exhibition

If you are a fan of József Rippl-Rónai the Hungarian National Gallery has an amazing exhibition currently going. He was inspired by the life in Europe during his lifetime, and József lived in Paris and received a lot of inspiration from that wonderful city. In this exhibition you can see many of his most famous works and this is a great exhibition to get to know more about one of the most famous Hungarian painters of all time.

Rippl-Rónai – Pieces of Art from the Hands of Old Collectors
26 October 2011 – 23 September, 2012
Hungarian National Gallery

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The Christ Trilogy seen by more than 100,000 people

The Christ Trilogy, the name of the exhibition in the Hungarian National Gallery featuring the Christ pictures painted by the Hungarian painter Mihály Munkácsy has now been seen by more than 100,000 people. If you would like to see it as well you better hurry up, as the exhibition is available until April 30th. These pictures are the most famous creations by Munkácsy, and some of the finest work made by any Hungarian painter, so this could be a good place to visit when in Budapest in the coming days and weeks.

More information about the exhibition.
More information about the museum.

Image and Self-Image: National Gallery

Image and Self-Image
Image and Self-Image
The exhibiton “XIX. Art and Nation: Image and Self-Image” presents paitings and works from the end of the 18th century and the First World War. The Exhibition provides a pictorial testimony to the relationship between art and the concept of the nation, and this was of course very influenced by the patriotism and the Hungarian Revolution in 1848-1849. This interesting temporary exhibition can be seen in the Hungarian National Gallery between November 5th and April 3rd,2011.

XIX. Art and Nation: Image and Self-Image
Hungarian National Gallery
November 5th, 2010 – April 3rd, 2011

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