Which are the best bars and pubs in Budapest?

There are lot of attractions and places to go on a holiday in the capital of Hungary. Budapest is a really exciting city with several bars, restaurants and pubs to go while vacation and there are a wide range of activities and festivals during the whole year in Budapest.

Szatyor Bár és Galéria
Szatyor Bár és Galéria

In the downtown of Budapest there are some nice cafes, pubs and bars on every corner and the night life of the city is always really vibrant. Every year thousands of people are coming to Budapest to be part of the exciting and unique atmosphere the city has and every year there is a new pub, bar or restaurant that just shows up different point of Budapest. So in this article we will go through one of the city’s best and most popular bars and pubs.

Szatyor Bár és Galéria is one of the most popular bars in Budapest. It is located on the Buda side and it is really close to Móricz Zsigmond körtèr which is one of the junctions of the city. It is not exactly in the clubbing zone but it is a really unique and comfortable place to have some drinks with friends. At Szatyor there are a wide range of drinks you can choose from and you can even have your dinner or lunch there. The place always offers a daily menu for favourable prices and they cook really delicious meals. The bar has good quality alcoholic drinks and a wide range of meals which are changing seasonally.

Szimpla Kert is a really famous place in Budapest. It attracts a lot of people every day and it is one of the most popular ruin pubs among the tourists. The pub is placed in the really heart of Budapest and it is located in one of the old houses in the inner city. It is a good place to get together with friends and drink one or two drinks. The pub also offers a range wide of unique and colourful programs such as film festivals and exhibitions. At Szimpla you can also have a snack if you got hungry, they sell carrots, pizzas and other interesting foods.

Another popular place among the locals and foreigners is Anker club which is based also in the centre of Budapest. It is located really close to Király utca which is one of the main street of the night life of Budapest. Anker club is a really nice bar and pub to go to even at the day time but it is also a perfect choice if you want to start your night near by other pubs, bars and the best clubs in the city. At the bar you can not only drink but you can try the most delicious meals for a good price. Anker club also offers a wide range of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks for the night.


Kolor is one of the fanciest places in Budapest nowadays. It is based also in the central of Budapest in Király utca really closed to Anker club. The bar offers a wide range of foods and drinks. The price of the meals and the drinks are a little more expensive than at the other places but the location of the bar is perfect just next to all the other fancy bars, pubs and restaurants in the heart of Budapest. It is also really popular among the locals and foreigners. It is a perfect place to go and have lunch or dinner and to have the best night during your visit.

Keksz is a nice little bar also located in the centre of Budapest. The interior of the bar is really nice and sweet and gives a really nice and unique atmosphere. Keksz is more like an eating out place not a pub. The prices of the food are reasonable and the food they cook is really delicious. There are a wide range of meals you can choose from starting from the most common breakfasts in Hungary such as scrambled eggs and sandwiches to the best hamburgers and salads. The place is highly recommended to everyone who wants to have a nice night out with good quality food and drink for the best price.

These are some of the best bars and pubs in Budapest, but there are of course tons of other places worth visiting as well. Maybe the most famous bar in Budapest is the one located in the A38 boat, located next to the Petöfi Bridge, voted as the number 1 bar in the world by Lonely Planet readers in 2013.

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