Nándori cukrászda: Best confectionary

This article is a part in our “Best of Budapest“-series, currently searching for the “best confectionary in Budapest“.

Nándori Cukrászda

1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 53.

Nándori Cukrászda (cukrászda meaning confectionary) is not a typical confectionary in Budapest. It is more like a place people drop by to buy some cakes for their party at home, and not many people eat their cakes in the confectionary, as there are only six chairs available in the entire confectionary for guests to use. That is a big minus, which makes it quite uninteresting for most people, but when it comes to the quality of the cakes and the price level, we were very impressed and enjoyed our time in Nándori Cukrászda a whole lot!

The confectionary is located in the Ráday Utca, a popular restaurant street.

Nándori Cukrászda score

Price vs. quality:10/10
Total average:31,5/40

Comments from the jury:
“Very good, but not enough chairs, therefore it is hard to recommend this place”
“Rather a take-away confectionary”
“Wonderful cakes and good drinks, nice atmosphere… if you find a chair”

Some Nándori Cukrászda pictures: