Pizza Hut in Budapest

Some years back in time you could find quite a lot of Pizza Hut restaurants in Budapest. Suddenly some changes were made and house-delivery disappeared and so did most of the restaurants, except from two.

I visited quite a lot of the different Pizza Hut restaurants in Budapest back then, but now I hadn’t been to Pizza Hut for more than 3 years, so I thought it was about time to return and see whether their pizza is worth eating, or not. Since there are only two restaurants in town (one in Arena Plaza and one in Polus Center) I went to the most central Pizza Hut, the one in Arena Plaza.

Pizza Hut in Arena Plaza seen from the inside

Pizza Hut review

As we spoke to the waiter we got to know that when almost every Pizza Hut restaurant closed down a few years ago all the best workers stayed in the company and were hired for the two restaurants, while the rest of the people had to look for new jobs. This means that the best people from lots of restaurants can now be found in the two restaurants in Budapest. That should make it even better!

I went together with my wife and some friends of ours and we ordered three different pizzas (family size). The price for a family pizza is about 2700 HUF, and the size depends on whether you want a classic pizza (41CM) or a Pan Pizza (33cm). Service was great and food was served within 15 minutes.

Pan pizza in Arena Plaza (Pizza Hut)

What was the pizza like?

The classic pizza was tasty and luckily it didn’t taste tomato sauce like pizzas often do in Italian restaurants. The ingredients were fresh and nice and on the pan pizzas you had such a nice layer of cheese that you seldom get as you visit similar kind of restaurants (they all try to save money and use less cheese). As I asked the other people in the group they agreed on the fact that the pizzas is Pizza Hut has got to be among the best pizzas you can get in Budapest restaurants, and I must say that I agree. The best pizza I make myself, but if I have got to eat pizza somewhere else, Pizza Hut is a very good option.

For drinks we had some Coke and a lemonade. I was surprised as I tasted the lemonade because it felt like drinking an orange juice with 20% fruit and lots of water and sugar. This was not the way a lemonade normally tastes, but since I ordered a Coke myself (I only tasted the lemonade to know what it was like), I did not really suffer from the taste of the lemonade.

[stextbox id=”info”]You can taste the Pizza Hut pizza without entering the restaurant as you have the opportunity to buy slices next to the entrance (at least in Arena Plaza).[/stextbox]

Ready for some pizza yourself?
Head over to Polus Center or Arena Plaza and grab a bite! Do not forget to come back to the Budapest blog to share your experience and write a small Pizza Hut review yourself!