How much time does it take for a postcard to get from Budapest to Rome?

Post card to Rome from BudapestThank you for the question! If you buy a postcard in Budapest and send it as air mail (Priority) a postcard should reach its destination in Rome within 2-3 working days. This is at least the normal version. Sometimes we have experienced delays, but in general it always reaches it goal within 3 working days. We have not sent that many postcards to Italy, but at least to other nations in Europe this is our general experience.

It is though very important to send it with air mail as a priority postcard. If not, it can take several weeks before your post card reaches in destination in beautiful Rome with all its magnificent attractions and sights, and you will for sure get back home long time before you postcard gets to its destination.

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Ps: If you visit Oslo or Belfast, you can send online postcards instead from our partner sites at WorldCityGuides. These are free and reach the inbox of your friend or enemy within seconds after you send them!