Scooter Budapest 2024

The popular German band Scooter is coming to Budapest during the summer of 2024. In fact, the best way to start the summer on the first summer day of 2024 is in Budapest Park where H.P. Baxxter, Rick J. Jordan, and Michael Simon will perform.

The summer of 2024 will be busy for those in love with fantastic music in Budapest. Why not kick it all off in Budapest Park with a Scooter concert? Then you should return later in the summer for the Ed Sheeran concert, the Coldplay concerts, and the Sziget Festival which will have artists such as Martin Garrix and Sam Smith coming. You can read more about all the events, festivals, and concerts in Budapest during the summer of 2024 in our Budapest calendar.

Scooter Budapest Concert 2024

  • Date: June 1
  • Location: Budapest Park

Where can I buy tickets for the Scooter concert in Budapest?

You can buy tickets for the Scooter concert in Budapest at Viagogo. This is a marketplace where you buy tickets for others, so before you buy a ticket at Viagogo, you should definitely find out if there are any tickets available from the official seller of tickets for the concert.

At the Viagogo page, you can also buy tickets for all the other Scooter concerts in Europe, and you can buy tickets for other concerts and events in Budapest, including the Ed Sheeran and the Coldplay concerts.

How can I travel to Budapest Park?

Budapest Park is an outdoor concert venue that is frequently used during the summer. It is located close to the Rakoczi Bridge. The easiest way to get to this bridge is by using tram line number 1 or tram line number 2.

Are there any good hotels near the concert venue?

Honestly, I wouldn’t live in a hotel close to Budapest Park. I would much rather stay in a hotel in the center of Budapest, and then travel with tram number 2 to get to the venue for the concert. If you still want to live close to the venue, use the map below to find a hotel or apartment close to Budapest Park. The venue is next to the National Athletics Stadium (the location of the World Athletics Championships in 2023), so any hotel in this area is suitable for you.

Scroll out the map above to look for hotels and apartments in a large area.

A few words about Scooter (that you probably know already)

Scooter is a German music group that makes electronic dance music, which is also called EDM. The group was formed in 1993. Scooter is known for its energetic and upbeat music, and they have been successful in the dance and techno music scenes.

The members of Scooter are H.P. Baxxter, Rick J. Jordan, and Michael Simon. H.P. Baxxter is the lead vocalist and often known for his distinctive style and charismatic stage presence.

Scooter has released many albums and singles that have become popular in Europe and other parts of the world. Some of their well-known songs include “Hyper Hyper,” “The Logical Song,” and “Nessaja.”

The group’s music is often characterized by catchy melodies, repetitive beats, and lyrics that are easy to remember. Scooter’s performances are known for their high energy, and they have a dedicated fan base.