Tesco house delivery

A while back Tesco spread the rumor that house delivery was about to be launched, and now it is finally here. We have tried Tesco house delivery and we were very impressed!

For a long time I waited for the Tesco house delivery to come. Last Saturday I was out walking in Budapest and suddenly I noticed a Tesco house delivery car passing by. As I got home in the evening I visited the Tesco website, registered for house delivery and placed my first order. Before ordering I was curious whether the prices would be the same as in a normal Tesco shop, would club card points be gathered during an order and what would the price be for delivering the goods to my house. I got answer to all my questions!

My Tesco house delivery answers

Together with my wife we made a list of all kinds of products from a mixture of the „products on sale” and from the normal Tesco catalog. We immediately noticed that all prices are exactly the same as if we would go and shop in Tesco ourselves. Our order had a total value of a bit more than 10,000 HUF and after filling our shopping cart we needed to arrange with time of house delivery.

It was very easy to reserve a price for the goods to be delivered to our house. We ordered on Saturday evening and we could select for our order to be delivered in the evening next day, Sunday. We could have asked for the goods to be delivered a week later as well, meaning we were free to decide for the time of delivery ourselves. The price for the house delivery was 899 HUF, and it had no influence what time of the day or what date we chose for the products to be delivered.

During registration I was also able to add my Tesco club card code, meaning that I gathered points when ordered products to my home.

Tesco delivering to my Budapest home

Sunday evening arrived, and so did the guy from Tesco delivering the products. He carried everything to our door (turning twice). A good manner in Hungary is to tip those delivering products to your home, so I found some money and wanted to give it to the guy who was a real service man, smiled and did a great job… he really deserved it. As I stretched out my hand to give the tip he said that they were not allowed to receive any money, not to carry any money in the car. So, he turned down my tip, gave me the bill and left. I felt kind of sorry for the guy, but hopefully his salary is better than most other delivery boys, making him survive without tip from the customers.

In addition to being nice and polite, the delivery guy explained that two products could not be delivered, so instead they chose to products similar to those we originally ordered.

We were extremely satisfied with the house delivery and in the future we will for sure use it again. 900 HUF for the house delivery isn’t really much, considering that you save time, you save gas, and you do not do lots of extra shopping that you are tempted to do walking around between the shelves in a real Tesco store.