Thermal Baths with 50 % autumn discount

The Thermal Baths of Budapest give us a little Christmas present, a bit to early though, this autumn. From Monday to Friday they give 50 % discount on the entrance fees, each day in a new thermal bath. The most popular one, the Szechényi Thermal Bath, is not on the list, but hotshots like the Gellert Bath can be found on the list.

Below you can see a complete list showing what thermal bath give you 50 % discount every day:

Monday: Dagály Strandfürdő és Uszoda
Tuesday: Lukács Fürdő és Uszoda
Wednesday: Dandár Gyógyfürdő
Thursday: Gellért Fürdő és Uszoda
Friday: Csillaghegyi Strand-Uszoda

I guess it is time to go swimming!

On official national days (if those are on weekdays) the discounts are not valid.