Why is Vaj so crowded? We have been to Vaj in Budapest.

There are places you hear of because they get lots of reviews online. Then there are places you notice because they are always packed with people. That is how we first discovered Vaj. Every Sunday morning, we drove next to Vaj, and even on cold winter days, it was crowded both inside and outside. What’s the reason? Is it worth it?

First, vaj is a Hungarian word, and it means butter. Everyone in love with cooking and baking knows butter is an essential ingredient. What can you eat if you decide to visit Vaj?

As you enter the café/restaurant, you will quickly notice that they have all kinds of sandwiches, cakes and biscuits, and pizzas. As a result, this is a place where most people will find something they like, not only for breakfast but also for lunch and dinner.

In the picture, you can see examples of what we could eat during our visit. There were more sandwiches and sweets available, in addition to the pizzas, of which there is a wide selection. You can place your order at the desk. The food will either be given to you immediately, or you will receive an alert as the food is prepared.

During our stay, it was interesting to see that the person behind the desk only spoke English. In other words, we couldn’t use Hungarian to place our order, but we had to speak English. No problem for us, and it felt a bit exotic, but that is still an interesting phenomenon considering that many Hungarians only speak Hungarian.

pizza in vaj

There is a wide selection of pizza options in Vaj. This place is for those who like traditional Italian pizzas with an extremely thin crust. Would you rather have a thick crust? Go somewhere else, or eat something else.

Besides the fact that we prefer a thicker crust, the biggest problem with the pizza was the taste of the pizza sauce. For some reason, we didn’t like it at all. If we forget about the pizza, we enjoyed everything we ate in Vaj.

Is Vaj expensive?

Butter is quite an exclusive product (in Hungary). Most people use cheaper margarine instead. What about Vaj? It cannot be considered cheap, but it isn’t expensive either. It is quite average, meaning sandwiches cost around 2000 HUF, pizzas are priced between 3500-4000 HUF, and coffee and similar drinks cost between 1000-1500 HUF.

drinks in vaj

Are you need a place to meet friends while eating and drinking? Vaj is a perfect place for the purpose. It is close to Blaha Lujza square (red metro) and Rakoczi square (green metro). The popular tram lines 4&6 stop at both locations, making this a place easy to approach using public transportation.

Vaj Budapest information

Address: József körút 30-32, 1085 Budapest
Opening times: 7.00 – 20.00

Website: Facebook

Have you been to Vaj? Did you enjoy your stay? Write a comment below and share your thoughts!